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Abraham’s Desert, a Shane Ries Film

Synopsis: When a Canadian man Jacob Lachance decides to visit his parent’s new place of residency in the modern day state of Israel, he unexpectedly discovers a different world. His plans are simple, rent a car, see the sights & grab the feeling of adventure while making his six-hour journey to the city of Eilat. Life, however, is never that simple and things never go as planned. A trip of pleasure turns into a detoured nightmare that is everyday like in a land steeped with conflict and turmoil. One mans journey to the Holy Land is another mans fight for the land in Abraham’s Desert. For more info check out http://www.abrahamsdesert.com/


One To Wear One To Share

We want everything we do to matter so that’s why we came out with One To Wear One To Share Campaign. For every sock purchase you receive two pairs, one for YOU to wear and one for YOU to share. Check them out at www.thewhosoevers.com/store


Movie Premiere Event “W3sixty5″

YOU ARE INVITED to the movie premiere event of “W 3sixty5″ with live performance from Islander on Sunday May3rd at 7pm!! Limited tickets available at thewhosoevers.com/w3sixty5

Official Release Date: 5.5.15
Producer/Director: Base 9 – www.base9.com
Cast: Sonny Sandoval, Ryan Ries, Brian Head Welch, Lacey Sturm, Ronnie Faisst, Annie Lobert, Brian Deegan, The Rep, Tony Tave, and many more….


Annie Lobert Takes on ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Annie Lobert is a former high-class call girl and sex trafficking victim who has shared her story of redemption with millions. Check out her take on ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Josh Harmony Will Be On The Radio Show This Saturday

Check out this video of Josh Harmony, our next guest on the radio show this Saturday night 9Pm PT. Watch the show live or find a station in your area at ryan-ries.com/shows

MegabiSkate Collaboration

MegabiSkate helps kids in Ethiopia have promising futures. In support of an inspiring cause we designed the MegabiSkate T-Shirt which directly supports them. Available at www.thewhosoevers.com/store

Megabiskate Social

Building a Community in Ethiopia

Founder of Megabi Skate, Israel Dejene writes:

“By a village situated in the mountains of Addis Ababa, I saw kids sliding down the asphalt with plastic fixed to the underside of their shoes. As a passionate skater, this inspired me to bring skating to this particularly tough neighborhood as a way of empowering kids. As a result “Love in Action” Megabi Skate project was born in my heart. The community includes boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 19 in the Intoto area of Addis Ababa. Many of the kids are hawking in the city day by day and are slipping through the cracks in the system.Megabi Skate uses skateboarding as a tool for empowering youth, to create new opportunities and to be the potential for change. We hope to grow a sustainable organization that is recognized locally and globally for changing the lives of youth through skateboarding.”

In support of an inspiring cause we designed the MegabiSkate T-Shirt which directly supports MegabiSkate Available at www.thewhosoevers.com/store