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Words From A Whosoever

“If only my shoes can talk. They will tell you just where I’ve been and how far I’ve come. I always try to be a better version of me that I was yesterday. We all have been through a struggle the important part is that I’m still standing.” Share your stories by tagging @thewhosoevers on Instagram.

Ryan & Crystal Ries Interview at Calvary Chapel Conference

Ryan and his wife Crystal are interviewed at the 2015 Calvary Chapel Conference where they discuss new radio show “Live with Ryan Ries” and The Whosoevers.

Lacey & Josh Sturm Summer Concert

Former lead singer of Flyleaf now solo artist and author Lacey Sturm and her husband Josh performed a semi-acoustic show last week for a packed house on Father Day at Calvary Chapel Golden Springs. Check out the full show at – http://www.calvarygs.org/media/webcast/player/?event=2309

The night before Lacey & Josh also joined Ryan on Live with Ryan Ries where she spoke about her new book and took listener calls. If you missed the show check it out – www.ryan-ries.com/shows/pastshowsLacey & Josh Sturm 2015


The Whosoevers in Costa Mesa

Last week I had the opportunity to speak a couple times in Costa Mesa, California. I headed to The Beach City Sports Networking event and got to chop it up with a cool group. A couple days after I met up with Christine Brant from “One Choice Destroys You” and we spoke together at Lifelines, an addiction recovery program.

After being out at these two events it just reminded me of the huge need that exists across our country and it inspired me to book another speaking tour. If you’d like me come out and speak email info@thewhosoevers.com or call (844) 428-6275


Book Now! Israel Trip Dates April 5-17, 2016

We only have 50 seats on our 2016 Israel trip so reserve your spot today at http://inspiredtravel.com/tours/whosoevers2016

Here’s what some had to say about our last trip…

“The 2014 Whosoever Israel Trip allowed me to re-examine my life and my walk with God. I can say now that my walk is stronger than ever and I met many people while on this trip, and they are now my life-long family!” – Selina Barela

“I had been walking with the Lord for 19 years when He presented me with the opportunity to go to Israel with the Whosoevers. In the 9 days we spent in Israel, God changed more in me than I had allowed Him to change in 19 years!!! I will never be the same!!!” – Nick York

“There is not enough space or words to adequately describe what God did for me personally on this trip. But much like everything else in life, if you let Him, God will use this trip to turn your faith inside out and change your life forever!” – Carl Trost

“Bring in the presence of our Lord and Savior was amazing!” – Lisa Garcia

“I have been a Christian my whole life. I grew up in a Christian home, went to a Christian high school, and the majority of my family are Christians. But I have a lot of bitterness in my heart towards other Christians who had wronged me in the past and it was that bitterness that hardened my heart. When I set out for this trip my main goal was to gain a tenderness in my heart. I wanted the emotional experience that could bring grown men to tears. I wanted the Holy Spirit to move me and I can honestly say that it did. God has softened my heart.” – Natalie Frisby

Israel Tour dates are April 5-17 w/ optional Greece extension from April 17-20, 2016. For more information go to http://inspiredtravel.com/tours/whosoevers2016/ or call (714) 957-8608

New Interview About The Whosoevers

I’m stoked on this new 3 min 700 Club interview about The Whosoevers check it out! Please share and get the word out. Much Love. Click on photo to view the video!