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Lacey Sturm: I Am A Whosoever

Years ago I used to tell people from stage, everyone dies, we just don’t know when or where or how. You shouldn’t be shocked that people die, you should be surprised that you’re still alive. I said it in a bold way. It was with a hint of exhaustion, because I was tired of people taking their lives for granted, not realizing life is a gift. But then my friend Rich died in a car accident, I was shocked. When the time came to say this part in the 1st show I played after his death, there was no boldness or exhaustion. I trembled when I said it. I preached it to myself. In that moment, I knew that valuing my life, like I preached to others, meant I needed to go home and figure out how to love my growing family. Four years and many miracles later, we have written songs with our friends in their houses and in our living room and basement, and we have been learning a lot about love and not taking life for granted. We’ve learned that if we have the miracle of breath in our lungs and a voice in our heart, then we should use it for love…read more @ilovejoshsturm #IAmAWhosoever

Now Booking Dates for Destroy All gods Tour

Through the power of The Holy Spirit you can Destroy All gods & Idols in your life. Check out this message from co-founder Ryan Rieshttps://youtu.be/AYoQ-XxTfHM

Booking LIMITED Southern California dates, for booking inquiries email info@ryan-ries.com.

Ryan Ries is co-founder of The Whosoevers, a movement hell-bent to empower the youth. He travels around the world speaking to individuals of all ages at schools, concerts, churches, and rehabilitation centers. Ryan also hosts a radio talk show airing on 42 stations in 13 states across the country and simulcasted live on KWAVE & KKLA, “Live With Ryan Ries” is broadcast every Saturday night at 9pm PST.Ryan also teaches at SHINE, every Thursday and Sunday nights at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa & Calvary Chapel Golden Springs.



Improving Lives at Teen Rescue

Over the past few years we have developed a great relationship with Teen Rescue, a fully accredited, private Christian residential school located in Northern California.

The school is designed for struggling teenagers 12-17 years old, in need of full-time supervision and redirection due to behavioral issues. The staff and structure is outstanding and we are thankful to be able to work closely with the staff & students.

Whosoevers staff and volunteers take trips up to the facility providing skill building activities, bible studies, music lessons, and group Q & A’s. We have seen amazing growth in the students and we keep in touch with the graduates plugging them into our events and offering volunteer opportunities at The Whosoevers.

For more information go to www.teenrescue.com







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High School Tour In Full Swing

By: The Whosoevers

As we pulled up to the first high school and started to unload I knew this was going to be a big day. We’d planned and prayed for months and we were finally here.

The school bell rang and the band started its set. Some of the lyrics were about suicide, addiction, and self harm and it caught the attention of the students. All too often they are hearing words like these but usually with no explanation or answers until now. Each Whosoever performing had a powerful story and with such a desire to reach these students for Christ, they shared about the honest struggles that they faced in life with the hope that these students will never chose to go down the wrong path but instead accept Jesus in their hearts and follow the purpose and path God intended for them.


As the band played a few songs the lead singer shared about being tormented with thoughts of suicide for many years. When the band concluded Ryan talked about living an empty life filled with money, women, and drugs only to have his friends find him overdosed in a hotel room barely hanging onto his life. These stories of rock bottom breaking moments and the turning point where God met them had the students floored and curious. As the event closed Ryan asked the students to stick a thumbs up if they wanted to accept Jesus into their lives. Thumbs went flying up and voices reverberated across the quad as the students said a prayer inviting Jesus into their lives.

As I started packing up I realized there was still a sea of students that didn’t want to leave yet. The Whosoevers crew came around to hang out. We stayed for hours; nobody was in a hurry it’s was all about those kids that afternoon.

I was moved as I could see the openness and change in many hearts. As I drove home I prayed for that school and for the other schools we were going to visit in the coming weeks, there was a huge need and we were filling it.

If you’d like The Whosoevers to visit your school email info@thewhosoevers.com or call (909) 859-6588

I Am A Whosoever: Brian

I got involved with #TheWhosoevers because I love Jesus more than anything in life. He is God and he is irresistible. Everything in life makes sense when you really get to know Jesus and his character. I would easily take a bullet before renouncing Jesus. He is more real to me than any human relationship I’ve ever been in.  A lot of people think anything to do with Jesus is B.S., and I can’t blame them since organized religion has been dragging His name through the mud for centuries. But as soon as every single human beings spirit leaves their body on death’s day, all the mocking will stop. But the real question is this…who will receive the biggest spanking? The sinners, or the bitter judgmental religious people who caused so many to mock his name? Hmmm…Food for thought. @brianheadwelch #IAmAWhosoever